Privacy Policies

Our vision is to deliver on our commitment & act responsibly & ethically. We strive to achive this by ensuring we maintain & lead the way to a Safe & effcient Workplace.

Code Of Conduct:

Code of Conduct is for everyone. It therefore applies to all directors, employees, contractors & third parties who work for or with Chaptrans. It acts as a guidance to assit us along the path to conduct ourselves in a professional manner with honesty & integrety, internal and external in our everyday business operations.


An individual or Company may provide Chaptrans with personal information including their name, email address or other contact details when he or she contacts Chaptrans by phone, email, post or using its website. This enables Chaptrans to respond to these requests for information on matters to carry out Business operations & Transportation.
Chaptrans resepcts people’s privacy.
Where required or permitted by law: For example, Chaptrans may disclose information in response to a Subpoena, Warrant or request from a government Law Enforcement agency.

Complaints Handling:

Please forward Complaints onto Chaptrans Administration Department email Bianca: with your Contact Name, Number & Email address so we may respond to you promptly and handled objectively, fairly and confidentially.